Let’s Clear Something Up


I don’t have the secret to curing your depression. I’m not a therapist, life coach, or, really, even someone who has all their shit together. Honestly, I know what I’m doing about 50% of the time.


I’m just a girl who got a bit screwed over in the coping skills department who is (slowly) learning how to deal with a variety pack of mental health issues. (Well, okay, and I read a lot about neuroscience and behavioral change. Ya got me.)


Still with me? Okay, great. So, why are we here?






Are you “used to” feeling like sh*t? Are you “okay” with how things are going for you? Has it been a hot minute since you’ve been, oh I don’t know, actually happy?


I think you deserve more good days (and, no, just-okay days don’t count). So, let’s make it happen.


I believe in:
  • Scientifically-supported methods to help you get your sh*t together

  • High standards + hard work

  • Kindness, patience, + open-mindedness – because dealing with mental illness isn’t easy


What about you?



I’m learning how to heal and take care of myself. I’m also learning how to advocate for myself and others.


If that’s you too, then hey – let’s figure this thing out. Check out the latest here.


♥ Meg


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