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no bs, no drama

When it comes to wellness, sorting the good stuff from the BS can feel like a full-time gig, and then you still have to actually, you know, do the work.Eat well, work out, hydrate, meditate, take your meds, wash your face, moisturize, meal prep, sleep, repeat. Oh yeah, and then you also have a life with a family and friends and work and maybe also a dog or something, too.Yeah, it’s a lot. But maybe it doesn’t have to be?


make it simple + keep it real

Helping you design simple wellness practices that fit your life – not the other way around? That’s kind of my thing.I also think it’s important to share my honest thoughts and experiences when it comes to mental health issues and other real-life stuff that can get in the way of the life you want for yourself. Plus, of course, what I’ve learned along the way. The goal is to keep it honest – but hopeful – around here.


wellness is for everyone

Let’s get one more thing straight: If you have a body and a brain, then wellness is for you.Not that fake perfect diet/perfect skin/perfect body/perfect life version of wellness you see on social media. But this kind: Feeling strong, confident, and at peace with yourself, mind, body, and all – that’s for you.

Let’s do the work to get you there, okay?


meet the editor

Hi, I’m Meg.

  • I write about productivity, mental health, wellness, food, + beauty with a focus on simplifying all of the above
  • I’m a Seattle girl + psych grad who spends most of her time thinking about how to make things prettier, more efficient, or both
  • I’m anti-diet, anti-shaming, and pro-do what’s best for you
  • I love old pop music, iced coffee, my dog Mac, and rainy days – yep, I’m pretty basic

Feel free to wander around and explore to learn more about the girl behind the blog.


mac + meg: then and now

This little corner of the internet started out as a place for me to talk out my mental health struggles and successes – whether anyone else was listening or not. Mac + Meg was about my thoughts, my ideas, and my experiences (as most journals are).Now, I’m working to build something bigger. I want to build a place for girls getting well – all girls getting well. I want to feature the work and words of other badass girls working to get better and creating incredible stuff in the process.If that sounds like your kind of thing, you can (1) subscribe for email updates to stay in the loop, and (2) reach out to me at hello@macandmeg.com with your ideas + pitches for new, cool stuff to feature on the website. 

with lots of love,

♥ Meg

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