Gift Ideas for Artists & Creative People

Struggling to find Christmas gifts your artsy friend will actually use? Check out this list of gifts she’ll love to unwrap – from a gorgeous galaxy art print to a set of classy af watercolor brush pens. Keep reading to shop the holiday gift guide!

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Gift them this gorgeous carrying case to keep their beloved brushes, pencils, & pens safe on the go.

Leather Stationary Case 

This Christmas give them the grown-up pencil pouch they deserve. Because when inspiration strikes, they shouldn’t be scrambling for supplies.

Get it here


Or this adorably-illustrated book to help them learn more about cool, creative people through history.

Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers: Portraits of Fifty Famous Folks & All Their Weird Stuff

She’ll love these charming portraits of badass creatives throughout history – from Leonardo Da Vinci to Coco Chanel – juxtaposed with trivia from their personal lives.

Buy the book here


The multi-tasking tool that’s at the top of every crafter’s wishlist this year.

Cricut Explore Air 2 in Mint

This lil guy might not look like much to the untrained eye, but don’t be fooled – this multi-tasking cult favorite of crafters everywhere is one of the most wished-for items on Amazon right now.

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The ~stellar~ hand-painted watercolor print she’s been dreaming of.

Hand-Painted Milky Way Sky Night Print 

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This relaxing gift for the girl who wants to chill out while she works on her brush strokes.

The Original Buddha Board: Water Drawing Board with Bamboo Brush & Stand

If you’ve never played with one of these bad boys before, trust me (and all those 5-star reviewers out there): Buddha Boards are *it*. They are so simple to interact with and so, so calming. Heads up: They also come in an adorable mini size.

Click here to get it


This helpful beginner’s guide to bullet journaling.

Dot Journaling―A Practical Guide

This is a great intro guide for the girl who’s been ~meaning~ to get into bullet journaling for a while now but has been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the info out there.

Buy it here


This cute embroidery kit for the girl who’s 25 going on granny.

DIY Floral Embroidery Kit For Beginners

If her idea of a crazy Friday night is drinking tea in her pj’s and staying up until 9 pm, gift her this cute af floral embroidery kit. Bonus: The finished product will look so good next to her ceramic cat figurines and vintage teacups.

Buy the kit here


This pretty guide to starting an illustrated journal.

Draw Your Day: An Inspiring Guide to Keeping a Sketch Journal

This book by graphic designer and Instagram-famous artist Samantha Dion Baker will teach her how to create the visually-stunning journal of her dreams.

Get it here


This cross between a history book and a gossip mag for art history nerds.

Secret Lives of Great Artists: What Your Teachers Never Told You About Master Painters and Sculptors 

Like a tabloid, but instead of TSwift and Cardi B, we’re getting the inside scoop on Picasso and Van Gogh.

Buy it here


This aesthetic apron for when she’s getting messy in the studio.

Linen Artist’s Apron

Keep her clothes clean and her ~look~ cute with this studio-friendly apron.

Get it here


This guide to hand lettering for the girl who loved learning cursive in grade school.

Hand Lettering 101: An Introduction to the Art of Creative Lettering

Give her the gift of perfect hand-writing so she can finally nail those hand-written greeting card designs she’s seen on Pinterest.

Buy the guide here


Or this hand-crafted mini zine for the girl who wants an original piece of art for Christmas.

“This Wasn’t Planned” Mini Art Zine 

This bite-sized collection of 12 handmade collages is the perfect little gift for your artsy friend who would hate something mass-produced. Plus, there’s honestly nothing cooler than owning a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Reserve yours here


Gift these high-quality (and affordable!) pens for the budding watercolor artist in your life.

Premium Watercolor Brush Pens

This 20-piece set of watercolor brush pens will help her fill page after page with vibrant, charming watercolor paintings that her Instagram followers or Etsy customers will love.

Get them here


And wrap up this introductory guide to watercolor painting for her, too.

Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days

This best-selling guide will help her brush up – get it? – on the foundations of watercolor painting while dishing up visual inspiration courtesy of some very talented contemporary watercolor artists.

Buy it here


This cross stitch kit for the full-time anxiety warrior.

Crippling Anxiety Cross Stitch Kit

If art is her therapy, get her this. Honestly, mental health awareness has never looked so cute.

Get it here


This little feel-good book about unlocking your creativity.

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

This best-selling book is an easy read with an important message for all kinds of artists: Creativity is for everyone. And you can find it anywhere.

Buy the book here


Happy Holiday Shopping!

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♥ Meg

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