Is Online Birth Control A Thing Now?

Yes, it absolutely is a thing, and I love it! After putting off getting on the pill for years, I finally jumped the gun and ordered birth control online through Nurx last month. So far, no regrets. If you’re like me and you:

  • hate making appointments – not to mention going to them
  • are too busy to get birth control in person, +/or
  • you have serious anxiety about going to the doctor 
  • BUT you want or need to get on the pill, asap

Then Nurx – the “Uber of birth control” – is definitely worth looking into.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that. I just stumbled upon Nurx recently and had a great experience, so thought I would share my experience!

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know

How Does Nurx Work?

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1 | Request Your Prescription Online

If you have pill loyalty and already know which prescription you want, you can let Nurx know! If you’re a birth control newbie (like me!), you can get advice from a doctor about which method may be best for you. I ended up going with a generic prescription based on Nurx’s suggestions for me.

Then, you’ll fill out some basic health information – like the medications you’re currently taking and your blood pressure reading – just like you would during an in-person doctor’s appointment. 

Here’s what you’ll need on hand to request a prescription:

  • Your photo ID (you can easily upload a pic from your phone)
  • A list of current medications, including supplements
  • A recent blood pressure reading (within the past 6 months)
  • Your insurance card (if applicable)

After (1) selecting a prescription, (2) filling in your health information, and (3) uploading your photo ID and insurance info, all you need to do is input your billing* and shipping information and you’re done!

*If you have insurance, your prescription is probably free (mine was)! Without insurance, you’ll pay $5 for your first order through Nurx and $15+ for subsequent orders.

2 | A Doctor Reviews Your Request

Behind the scenes, a doctor will review your info and make sure you’re good to go before writing your prescription. In the meantime, you’ll be able to communicate with the Nurx team via a messaging system on their website. 

I loved the messaging feature! While getting started with Nurx, I had dropped the ball on inputting my blood pressure reading for a few days. A Nurx team member followed up within a day or so to check in about the blood pressure reading – and then again that week when I still hadn’t sent in my BP reading (oops).

Once I finally got my shit together and sent in the info Nurx needed to fill the prescription, my doctor messaged to let me know when I could expect to receive my prescription in the mail. Everyone I was in touch with through Nurx was professional and prompt – no drama.

3 | Wait For Your Delivery

That’s it! Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you’ll get a tracking code through the Nurx messaging system a few days later. Once I completed my prescription request, Nurx estimated that it would take about 6-10 days total for my prescription to be reviewed, filled, and shipped to me. In my experience, the whole thing only took about 4 days(!), but my experience may not be typical.

TLDR: My Quick + Dirty Review of Nurx

What I Loved:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Prompt and professional communication from Nurx throughout entire process
  • Convenience and efficiency of Nurx’s system
  • Seriously, this whole process was stupid-easy for a birth control newbie – love, love, love it

Room For Improvement:

  • I low-key expected cute packaging based on the general aesthetic-ness of Nurx’s website, but this obviously wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  • Nurx isn’t available everywhere. There are a lot of restrictions on birth control in the US, so this isn’t surprising (or the company’s fault), but still a bummer if you don’t live in a Nurx-friendly place. You can find out if Nurx is available in your state here. 

The Verdict?

5/5 – I definitely would recommend looking into Nurx if you’re interested in getting birth control online!

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Do you have any questions about Nurx? Ask away! If you’ve ordered birth control online, feel free to share your experiences – positive or negative – in the comments!

♥ Meg

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