Your morning self wants to make healthy choices, but not as much as she wants to go back to bed. Help her out by doing a little bit extra in the evening to make your morning routines (almost) seamless.


6 Things to Do Before Bed for a Better Morning


1 | Lay out your outfit for the next day

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Your mom probably made you do this when you were still drinking juice from a box, but her advice holds up. I know it takes me about two minutes to choose an outfit the night before and (somehow) an average of twenty minutes when I do it in the morning.

Just don’t forget to check the weather and your calendar for the next day to make sure the look you lay out will actually work. It really sucks when you try to be efficient but end up having to change again when it rains, or you see something dumb like 7 pm bowling on your calendar.


2 | Prep your morning coffee

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I just started doing this and my 6:15 am self is about a million times happier (and more caffeinated). I’m an all-seasons iced coffee kind of girl, so I literally just pour my beloved Stok Not Too Sweet Cold Brew into my reusable tumbler and pop it in the fridge for the morning. Done.

If you like your coffee hot (like a monster), get everything you need ready for you to get your caffeine on when you wake up, leaving as few steps as possible for morning you. And if you’re a #starbuckseverydamnday kind of person? Please tell me you’re already using mobile order to bypass the morning rush.


3 | While you’re at it, prep your meals

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I’m not advanced enough to prep all my meals for the week (yet), but prepping one day’s worth of meals the night before? Honestly, not bad at all. The name of the game here is spending a few extra minutes every night when you’re already up and at’em to save you a ton of time the next morning when you’re barely functioning. So, before you go to bed:

  • Pop some fruits and veggies into Tupperware
  • Throw together a quick wrap
  • Toss in a string cheese and protein bar for good measure
  • Maybe grab a La Croix (or three) if you get bored by drinking plain water all day
  • Toss everything in a cute reusable bag, and you’ll be all set to grab it and go tomorrow morning


4 | Make a morning kit

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Ever get frustrated trying to track down your moisturizer in the morning but you’re also half-looking for your deodorant, and somehow your dog has your last pair of clean socks? Yeah, that’s not the best way to start your day. Make a morning kit for each of your getting ready routines by grouping together the items you need every morning by category.

I have separate kits for skincare, makeup, hair care, and “final touches” (deodorant, body lotion, etc.), but you can put together whichever kits make the most sense for your morning routine.


5 | Prep your space for your morning routine

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Trying to build healthier morning habits like reading, meditating, or working out, all before the birds wake up? Prep your space to make your new healthy habits a little more automatic. Leave that NY Times Bestseller you’ve been meaning to dig into on your bedside table. Get your soothing essential oils or meditation candle prepped for when you wake up. Set up your yoga mat and accessories for tomorrow’s morning flow. Make it as easy as possible for your tired 6 am self to start the day healthfully.


6 | Take care of the essentials

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You know what they are: Phone, keys, wallet, and anything else you need to get where you’re going tomorrow – and then function once you’re there.

If you’re someone who is constantly running late because you misplaced your keys (again) or forgot to charge your phone overnight, try these tips to make sure everything is taken care of before you go to bed each night:

  • Create a landing spot for your essentials (and then actually use it)
  • Use a checklist – mental, physical, or digital – to keep track of your nightly to-do list
  • Set an alarm on your phone 30 minutes before bed to remind you to prep for the next day
  • Keep backups of items you usually forget, like your phone charger or an extra ID badge, in your car or office
  • Write yourself a reminder to grab all your stuff on a sticky note, chalkboard, or your bathroom mirror – wherever you know you’ll see it in the morning


What daily routines do you struggle with? Let me know in the comments!

♥ Meg

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