Strawberry and banana peanut butter toast

I don’t know about you, but if a breakfast recipe requires a pot, pan, or anything harder to wash than a single plate and a butter knife, it’s not happening during the work week. (I’d rather get the extra 15 minutes of sleep tbh.) I’m also trying to do a better job incorporating more fruits and veggies into my meals. Here’s something that tends to work really well for me:

Think plants first.

When I’m trying to figure out what to cook, I see which fruits and veggies I have on hand and then think about the protein and/or grains I want to add to make it a meal.

Planning meals around a ~star~ fruit (not to be confused with a starfruit) or veggie helps me make meals where fruits and veggies aren’t an afterthought – they’re the best part. Plus, I’m way less likely to just make, like, a bagel with cream cheese and call it a day.What I made for breakfast today was so stupid-easy, I don’t think you can call it a recipe. But that’s pretty much the level of complexity I’m here for at 6 AM, Monday through Friday.

Here it is!

Easy AF Peanut Butter + Fresh Fruit Toast

All You Need Is:

Here’s why I love this breakfast:

  1. This literally takes 3 minutes to put together (including cutting the fruit)
  2. It’s super versatile – use any nut butter or fresh fruit you want (raspberries and apples are both amazing options, too)
  3. Thanks to Dave’s Killer Bread, you’re getting hella omega-3’s, whole grains, fiber, and protein for a much-needed energy boost (if you pair this breakfast with coffee, you’re pretty much a superhuman now – congrats)
  4. The ingredients are pretty affordable and easy to keep in stock (to keep this meal cheap-cheap, use store-brand peanut butter, the cheapest whole wheat bread you can find, plus whatever fresh fruit is on sale that you like – these strawberries were $1.88, bless the produce discount gods)
  5. You don’t actually have to toast the bread if you’re really running late (confession time: I totally didn’t and the bread really picked up the slack)
  6. If you’re craving something savory, this is really easy to adapt. Just switch out the nut butter for a savory spread like hummus and swap out the fruit for your favorite veggies – I love using cucumbers, baby heirloom tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts, plus a little bit of feta if I have some in the fridge, but you can make this as simple or bougie as you want.

That’s it for today, guys!

If you have a favorite stupid-easy breakfast, I would love to hear about it in the comments!

♥ Meg

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