6 Disney-Inspired Vegan Recipes To Try Tonight

Infuse your next meal with a pinch of plant-based pixie dust with these vegan takes on Disney Park faves. Cue the fireworks.

1| Vegan Dole Whip Float

Vegan dole whip float
Image Source: Oh So Delicioso
Blend up some pineapple nostalgia at home with this copycat recipe from Oh So Delicioso. Disney’s dole whip is naturally vegan, making it a perfect choice for a plant-based copycat recipe.Bonus: No one can force you to ~ironically~ get in line for the Enchanted Tiki Room before promptly falling asleep, stranding you in a cold, unforgiving room of horrific singing bird animatronics. For 15 minutes.


2| Classic Mickey Pretzel 

Image Source: Charity Craig, Yoho Disney
IMO there’s no better way to go through life than with a warm soft pretzel in hand. Plus, those thick bites of salt? Ugh yes. Check out this recipe (and A+ Mickey pretzel twisting tutorial) from Charity Craig at Yoho Disney to learn how to make this classic Disney snack at home.Pro Tip: Charity recommends rolling your dough out more on the thin side of things to end up with a more classic Mickey head shape. TBH whatever you end up with, it’s a soft pretzel shaped like a beloved cartoon character. It’s gonna be cute.


3| Vegan Blue Bayou Gumbo

Image Source: Hannah Tesson, House Vegan
Nothing says New Orleans Square like the land’s iconic gumbo. Luckily for vegans everywhere, House Vegan’s Hannah Tesson got a hold of the official gumbo recipe used by the chefs at Disneyland’s Blue Bayou and vegan-ified it. (Not all heroes wear capes.) You can try out the recipe for yourself (and thank Hannah) here!Trust Me: You might be thinking of skipping the bread bowl (and, I mean, sure, fine, do what you want, skip the bread bowl if you really want to), but listen: Strongly. Consider. Not. Skipping. The. Bread. Bowl. Okay?


4| Vegan Matcha Green Tea Mickey Waffles

Vegan green tea matcha Mickey waffle
Image Source: Jessica, The Healthy Mouse
There is no Disney breakfast more classic than the Mickey waffle. Even though the classic Mickey waffle isn’t vegan, you can still get your hands on this cute AF twist on a classic from Jessica at The Healthy Mouse. Like, matcha waffles? Someone’s clearly living in the future. Plus, just look at that lil waffle face and try not to book a trip.Disney Parks Pro Tip: The next time you’re lucky enough to visit the parks, make sure to check out one of these restaurants and ask for a warm, fluffy, vegan Mickey waffle! As per usual, check in with your server about your dietary restrictions. The allergy-friendly/vegan waffle mix can differ from restaurant to restaurant, so make sure you’re not getting, like, a ~vegan~ waffle made with honey if you don’t do honey.


5| Baked Vegan Ratatouille

Vegan Baked Ratatouille
Image Source: Lauren Bossi, Plant-Based on a Budget
Maybe you have an affinity for a certain French rat with culinary ambitions. Or maybe you’ve tried this dish with Belle + co at Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest restaurant. Either way, this veggie-packed dish from Lauren Bossi at Plant-Based on a Budget will give you all the Disney feels (and hecka vitamins, too!)BTW: This kind of screams for a Disney-themed dinner and a movie kind of night, right? Why not invite some friends over and play French chef together before burrowing into the nostalgia of your childhood faves? (You still have your old VHS’s lying around somewhere, right?)


6| Vegan Mickey Ice Cream

Vegan Mickey Ice Cream
Image Source: Jessica Lucius, Disney Family
These vegan ice cream snacks are so cute, the recipe has to be from Disney (spoiler alert: it is). This no-churn ice cream is made with cashews to give it the thick, creamy texture of the dairy stuff. Plus, I mean, just look at those pants. Find out how to make these adorable little guys over at Family Disney.Did You Know? You can get the set of silicon Mickey molds used in this recipe here. You can also get a (frankly, higher-rated) Mickey mold over on Amazon (no pants in the set, though. Soo, your call.)


Okay, Now Go Make Some Magic in the Kitchen!

Once your dishes are soaking, let me know in the comments: What’s your can’t-miss Disney food?

 ♥ Meg

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