Drink More Water (Just Kidding)

When it comes to depression, pretty much anyone with a heartbeat has something you need to try! (Did you know that hydration is key? Oh, you did, and you’re still depressed? Well, maybe you’re not drinking enough water.)

Let’s get real: A blog post won’t cure your depression. But these tips might make living with depression a little easier. With all that extra energy, you’ll be smiling and nodding like a champ the next time you’re forced to sit through another fucking lecture on hydration.


7 Small, Everyday Ways to Kick Depression’s Ass


1. Challenge Yourself

Try to do one thing every day that challenges you, even if it’s just washing the dishes. Accomplishing something you didn’t think you could do will help you build the confidence to take on other, bigger challenges. Check out this list for ideas to help you stretch your comfort zone (heads up: it’s totally okay to start out small and work up to scarier stuff. Start as small as you need to, as long as you’re starting.) If you need a little inspiration, you can read Michelle Poler’s blog 100 Days Without Fear – even if you’re not planning on jumping off a cliff anytime soon.



2. Shower

Baths get a lot of space in the self-care conversation, but showers will get you upright, engaged, and refreshed. Try a shower bomb to really up the “self-care” feel while you get cleaned up. (Pro tip: citrus and lemongrass are good options to wake you up when you’re dragging!)



3. Get Social

Plan some kind of positive social interaction every day. Spending time with people you like and care about – even if it’s just a quick text to say hi – will help you feel better overall. If you missed it, check out my list of the four types of friends you need in your social support squad (and feel free to send your besties a quick thank you text!)



4. Have Fun

Schedule at least 30 minutes for fun every day. This can mean time to play video games, work on a passion project, or spend time with your pup. Whatever it is, do something you actually like every day, as often as possible.



5. Make Your Bed

A clean, uncluttered space will help your mind follow suit. You’ll start the day off feeling productive and get to come home to a tidy space. Win-win. (If you’re not sold yet, check out what the author of The Happiness Project wrote about the happiness-boosting potential of making your bed.) Don’t feel like you need to dress your bed up too much, either – slap on a fitted sheet, a comforter, and a few pillows, and you’re golden. (For proof that flat sheets are unnecessary garbage, look no further.)



6. Treat Yourself

This doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep your favorite lotion stocked in your bag. Listen to your favorite album while you get ready for work. Find little ways to make daily routines a little brighter. If you’re stuck, here’s a list of ways you can treat yourself (without stuffing your face or spending all your rent money at Lush).



7. Make a “Did-It” List

To-do lists can drain your confidence on those days you just don’t get everything done. Make a “did-it” list of everything you accomplished during the day. Tracking your achievements will help retrain your brain to notice your everyday successes, not just your struggles. (Learn more about why tracking what you’ve done can be more useful – and more fun – than a to-do list.)



Share Your Secret

What do you do to make living with depression a little easier? Share your go-to techniques in the comments.



If you want more ideas to help you improve your mental health, you can check out my very first post here to learn more about the changes I’ve made in my life this year (so far!) and how they might help you.

♥ Meg


P.S. Because Pictures Are Prettier…

Here’s a handy lil infographic. (While you’re here, let me know if you want more visual content like this!)


Seven small everyday ways to deal with depression

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