Small Celebrations

Saturday was a big day for small celebrations at my house. I’m extra AF, so we celebrated my dog Mac’s 2nd birthday. I bought him some peanut butter frozen yogurt and a new chew toy. Last year, for his 1st birthday, he got a purple monkey, and this year, it’s a yellow monkey. Look, Ma, traditions can be fun!


Adulting Deserves Cake and Fireworks, TBH

I also celebrated adulting. I prefer when my Saturday mornings are full of coffee, trips to the beach, and lots of writing. This past Saturday? I paid a toll bill, responded to work emails, and made plans for my trip coming up this week.

While booking somewhere for Mac to stay, I learned that – oops – one of his vaccines just expired. As in, it literally just expired that day, because of course it did.

Mental rewind to last year: If this kind of small set-back had happened a year ago, I would not have handled it well. I would be stressed out, crying, and passing the baton on to someone else to deal with. Because I just can’t.

This year? I made a phone call. (Listen, guys, I never use the call function on my phone.)

And less than two hours later, we were at the vet, getting shit done. Mac took his shot like a champ and I did my best to support him, distracting him with a popsicle stick covered in peanut butter.

Basically, I was an adult. I had a regularsized problem and dealt with it right away. And surprise! It worked. Mac’s all set up for his mini-vacation this week, and I’m not back-pedaling to try to deal with problems I created by procrastinating.

It’s a small victory, but you know what? You take them where you can get them.

TLDR: No one cured cancer, but it’s okay to celebrate your dog’s birthday or making a phone call.

♥ Meg

P.S. What small things have you celebrated recently?

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